Thursday, September 25, 2008


Almost all women at some point in their lives have pretended to feel the ecstasy of having an orgasm. According to polls and surveys, almost seventy percent of the female population has admitted to having fake orgasms. The never-ending question is this why is it that women fake orgasms? Is it the fault of men? Is it because of health or is it because women always have had mind and body issues at some point in their lives that cause them to feel less open when it comes to exploring their sexuality. The simple answer is this. Emotion is the key component that stimulates women while men on the other hand are visually stimulated. What they see like a beautiful body, a gorgeous face, or perfect skin usually arouses men. For women, the need to feel loved, respected, and wanted has to be there before they reach the phase of arousal. Factors such as stress and environment also affect the women's mood when it comes to sex. Moreover, why is it that women, fake it? It is because women in general care and love their partners that they do not want their men to feel hurt or inadequate when it comes to their ego. Women want their male partners to be happy by encouraging them to have orgasms wherein they have to pretend that they also had the same orgasmic experience. Women also want to instill have on the relationship? Men become satisfied and happy.

  Can women keep on with the frustration and depression that fake orgasms can give? What effect can this have on issues such as trust and communication? Yes, women give pleasure and satisfaction to their male partners but faking orgasms can have a more damaging effect when it comes to relationships. Trust and open communication is essential among partners on not only a limited number of issues but also everything that is binding in a relationship including sex. Faking orgasms can make the men feel worse and can damage their ego for good. It is a common misconception among men that giving their female partner the most exploding orgasm makes them good when it comes to sex. Women do not have to make men believe they are having orgasms but they can make the most out of it by making their men happy and boosting their ego and at the same time have the best orgasm every single time. Communication is a two-way thing. Men should ask their women openly about sex like what satisfies them most. Women on the other hand should be more open in expressing what they feel and what they want. Men and women should find the right time to talk about this but not during sex for it can ruin that special moment. Here are some tips for all the men out there to be able to set the mood and really satisfy their women. First is set the atmosphere. Silk sheets, dim lights and lighted candles and incense can really create a romantic atmosphere that women really like. Second is set the mood. Giving a full body massage or preparing a romantic candlelight dinner can really set the right mood for lovemaking. Always consider the feelings of your women. Factors such as stress and lack of foreplay are some of the reasons why women do not reach their orgasms. Remember that women always feel the need to be important to their man. Showing a little affection and care will not hurt. For the women out there, here are some tips to reach orgasm. First is let your partner know what you want. Keeping silent will not do you any good when it comes to having sexual satisfaction. Communication is very important. Second, be adventurous. Try having sex at different places and at different times of the day. This creates an element of surprise for your partner and breaks the monotony in your relationship. Trust, communication, honesty, and great sex will lead to romance. Try to keep these things in mind and not only will you have the best sex you have had in your life but keep your love one for good.